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ATSF GP30u 2711
I built this model circa 1990 to complement the GP35u I built around the same time.
This was a Front Range product that paired a beefy drive with a Bachmann shell.
I consider this a "legacy loco" - this model is not up to snuff for operating on prototype-based Free-mo layouts.
So it lives in my home display case. Eventually I'll build a more accurate GP30u from the Proto2000 model.
This unit represents an early-1980's GP30u with the intake shields behind the
cab and exhaust deflectors on the top. I scratch-built these from sheet styrene.
Below: I opened up the 48" fan housings and installed fans made from Athearn semi-truck wheel hubs and styrene-strip
blades. The grills are an etched brass product from Detail Associates. The 36" fan is a Precision Scale part.
Left: The front received Details West
and Detail Associates ATSF-specific
details typical of the early 1980's.
The cab-side mirrors were hand-made
from styrene and brass wire.
Right: The rear received the usual
upgrades - drop grabs, drop steps,
coupler lift bar, MU receptacle and
air hoses. Campbell scale chain was
installed on the handrail openings.