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ATSF B23-7 6376
This is an Atlas model that I reworked the cab and trucks to replicate a specific class of Santa Fe B23-7.
It features a working rotary beacon controlled by a DCC decoder function.
Right: The prototype - this is the
unit I have modeled circa 1990.
Santa Fe B23-7's 6374-6389
had A/C units hidden in the nose,
so the cab roof has no A/C unit.
They also rode on AAR style
trucks from trade-in U25B's.

Note the oversized exhaust stack.
This was part of Santa Fe's brief
attempt to up-rate their B23-7's
to 3000 horsepower. They were
later returned to 2250 HP, but
many retained their big fat stacks.
Below: On the long hood I relocated and raised the horn on a bracket fashioned from brass strip.
Air tank piping was upgraded using brass wire. See "Construction", below, for more details.
Below: I "blanked" all the class lights by simply sanding down the cast-on lights, carefully. I added rain-drip covers over the cab
doors, made from brass strip. I also added a cab roof vent and a working rotary beacon. Down below, I added some air filter sets.
Weathering: I used artist's oils to add burn and rust grunge to the exhaust stack, battery leakage on the right side, and gray streakage
on the fuel and air tanks. Chalks were used on the trucks, cab, and carbody. A dilute black/gray was airbrushed on the top for exhaust.
Below: My model started out as a stock Atlas ready-to-run unit numbered 6358, with the extra side windows and FB-2 trucks.
I swapped out the trucks for AAR type acquired from Atlas spare parts, and also a replacement cab without the extra side windows.
To the undecorated cab I added rooftop details including a scratch-built antenna box, thin styrene overlays replicating plated-over
side windows, and a headlight coverplate. I airbrushed the cab to match the existing Atlas yellow using Tru-Color TCP-175 Sulfur.
Right: On the long hood I removed
the rear lip at the exhaust stack,
installed a styrene lip further back
to make room for the bigger brass
stack (I'm not sure what brand -
maybe Overland?).

Middle Right: A new headlight
was installed in the nose.

Far Right: The AAR truck
sideframes (upper right) were
airbrushed Tru-Color TCP-013
Aluminum, along with trucks for
several other projects.

Right and Middle Right: The
sidesill areas adjacent to the
stepwells were masked off and
airbrushed Tru-Color TCP-175
Sulfur to match the prototype.