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The Sylaindur family's adventures through the Infinity Wheel begin when teens Jessanda and Tevan learn
their quirky physicist father Sy has translated to a parallel reality after hijacking the Large Hadron Collider
to test his outlandish cosmology theory - that our universe consists of nine parallel realities hidden among
the extra dimensions predicted by string theory. Determined to save their father, Jess and Tev translate
themselves in a poorly planned rescue operation, unintentionally joined by their mother Natalie as she
attempts to stop the rebellious teens.

Emerging on the beautiful tropical planet Ka'sora, the Sylaindurs are soon imprisoned by the Felidais
Papalia - primitive yet intelligent cat-aliens who abhor technology in favor of grei'ca, their physics-defying
ability to manipulate matter and energy with thoughts alone. Jess's troublesome gift of intuition becomes a
powerful ally when she encounters the handsome Felidais Le'teiron, who shares an unexpected connection
with her.

The family's luck turns when a mysterious entity invades their dreams and offers clues for finding their way
home. But the Dreamweaver also hints of a powerful threat to the very existence of the Infinity Wheel, and
everyone living in it. Desperate to find favor with their captors, the Sylaindurs pretend to be envoys come to
deliver a message of great importance from the Felidais gods. But the arrival of technology-using strangers
claiming holy knowledge explodes into a Felidais tribal civil war, putting the family in even greater danger.

To establish their captives' true nature, five brave Felidais escort the Sylaindurs on an adventure-packed
journey to their most revered site, the Tree Temple, pursued by enemy factions determined to hunt them
down. Along the way, Tevan's innate skills with all things technical help save the day as he discovers he
too might wield the powers of grei'ca.

The Felidais conflict comes to a climax in a vicious battle among the ancient relics hidden in the Tree
Temple, where the Sylaindurs and the natives unravel the astounding history connecting Humanity,
Felidais, Earth, and Ka'sora.
Nearly ten years in the making, this first volume of the Infinity Wheel saga grew from the
idea to merge my interests in theoretical physics and cosmology with my daughter
Melissa's fantastical creations - the Felidais Papalia and their home of Ka'sora.
The Infinity Wheel - Ka'sora
Book 1 of the Infinity Wheel saga
A family's adventure to an alien island in a parallel reality
hidden among the extra dimensions of string theory
My first novel has been published !
Available at major outlets as e-book or paperback: