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ATSF B36-7 7492
This Rapido Trains brand product is the most accurate out-of-the-box locomotive
I've seen to date. I did very few enhancements to make it prototypical circa 1985.
The prototype circa 1985. Note
the red "EML" markings on the
side sill, indicating the 7492 was
the B36-7 representative for the
"Extended Mileage Locomotive"
program to study the effects of
longer maintenance cycles.

Also in 1985 the B36-7's unique
air intake noise baffles were still
intact. These were removed by '87.
Below: I added the red EML markings by piecing together letters from an old Union Pacific diesel decal set.
I replaced the brake chain with a finer type and corrected a few minor paint details. Otherwise, my model is stock.
For weathering, I used artist's oils for the burned rusty blackness on the exhaust stack, and thinned gray for streakage on
the fuel and air tanks. Also powdered chalks for road dust on the carbody, and airbrushed diluted black for exhaust on top.