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ATSF Ce-11 Waycar 999751
This is a mostly stock Athearn pre-decorated model, which came with DCC-controlled lighting.
I removed the cupola to hide the wires that were visible through the windows.
While the cupola was off, I installed a crewman in one of the seats.
I relocated one of the "Ce-11" markings per prototype photos, and added weathering.
Right: I wedged toothpicks
between the rooftop and cupola
to release its plastic latches,
allowing the cupola to pop off.
I tucked down the wires inside
the body and covered them with
black electrical tape so they
won't pop up into sight again.
I glued a crewman into the seat,
and re-attached the cupola.
I also removed the Ce-11 mark
that was mis-located, and applied
a new one from a Microscale
decal set.
I brush-painted the axle generator
blue per the prototype.
Weathering: The beige road dust on the under-rigging, steps, and trucks is two shades of diluted paint dabbed on with a brush.
The dark grime on the carbody and roof is chalks. The whole car got a spray of dull-cote to fix everything in place.