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Auto Carrier Truck and Autos
This model is an A-Line brand auto carrier trailer kit, mated with a Herpa Mack tractor truck.
It carries six 1992 Nissan 300ZX sports cars from the nearby auto port to a local dealership.
Above: I constructed the A-Line trailer kit per the instructions, and airbrushed the ramps aluminum.
After masking, I airbrushed the trailer green. I hand-painted the hydraulics aluminum and black. For the
tractor truck, I disassembled a Herpa model, repainted it green to match the trailer, and reassembled it
with the over-cab carrier rack that came with the A-Line trailer kit. The autos are described below.
Below: I did not glue the autos into the trailer, so they can be removed if I want to display it empty.
Left: The autos are 4D brand kits. Here, the red car is finished and
ready for final assembly. For each car, I smoothed out the rough
mold lines. For variety, I removed the rear spoilers from three cars.
I repainted the bodies various colors, and the interiors black.
The wheels got aluminum paint. I added rectangles of white decal
trim film to simulate the protective plastic often seen on new cars
being delivered. A coat of gloss paint fixes the decals in place
and makes the cars look shiny new. I glued the axles into the
undercarriages so the wheels can't turn - this prevents the cars
from rolling out of place when loaded on the carrier truck.
Below: The finished cars, ready for loading! I chose this particular car
model because they are not too expensive (I needed at least six), they
are the right year for my modeling period (early 1990's), and they are
imports (Nissan from Japan). This fits the storyline that these cars are
on their way to an East Bay dealership having just arrived from
overseas at the Benicia, CA auto port, which is just a few miles from
Franklin Canyon, my locale for modeling the Santa Fe Railway. This
rig will be displayed on the road on my Glen Frazer module set.