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Star Wars X-Wing Gaming Models
My son and I were briefly into the Star Wars X-Wing table-top strategy game from Fantasy Flight Games.
I admit my interest was due mainly to the high quality spaceship models - see my Rebel Fleet below.
Here are two ships I repainted, just for fun and the challenge of working at such a small scale (1:270).
For this model I adapted some paint schemes found on the
Internet into something I thought was different and interesting.
When Star Wars Episode 7 hit the theatres, the coolest new ship was this black T-70 X-Wing.
But when Fantasy Flight came out with their new starter set based on the movie, they included
a standard gray-and-blue T-70. Booo! Hisss! So I immediately set about repainting.
Of course, they came out with Poe's ship later as part of a "hero's" set. But I had mine first :-)
Below Left: Poe's T-70 isn't complete without his trusty astromech droid BB-8. Working at a microscopic level,
I reshaped the original "bullethead" astromech (below right for comparison) to get BB-8's distinctive ball body
and bowl-shaped head. A few very tiny and precise dabs of orange and black paint completed the upgrade.