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Other Intermodal Models
Here is a selection of other intermodal trailers, chassis, and containers I've modeled.
Scroll down the page to check them out.
This neat little container is the result of creatively utilizing extra items and parts to model an oddball prototype I stumbled
upon while out railfanning many years ago. Apparently bromine is rather heavy, so must be shipped in small-ish tanks.
Bromine Tank Container
Agmark Goose-neck Trailer
Left: The prototype that inspired this model.
Sorry for the bad photo - the sun was on the
wrong side as usual!
Below: My finished model from above. I made the open-grid
platform from a chunk of etched boxcar roofwalk material.
Below: An end view.
Below: Most of the decals are home-made. I downloaded appropriate symbols from the internet, or
created markings from scratch in MS Visio using a custom-made template with HO scale rulers and
grids. The artwork is then printed onto blank decal paper (either clear or white, depending on the specific
marking) using an inkjet printer. A light overspray of gloss clear coat fixes the ink onto the decal paper.
Below: This model was created from miscellaneous spare items. The tank is a propane tank model that
came in a two-pack. I needed only one for a propane refill station on my Iona Free-mo module, so this
one was a spare. The container framing came from a Walthers tank container kit that was decorated
for Santa Fe, which was not a prototypical model. I used styrene scraps to make a floor and vertical
bracing to support the tank. I fashioned the large dome from a wooden peg I found in my scrap box.
Below: Both sides of the assembled model before airbrushing primer gray.
This model was inspired by a prototype photo I stumbled upon on the internet, below, proving rigs like this did
travel piggyback IRL (photo by Rob Green). I happened to have a spare American Limited Models goose-neck
trailer kit (I built a Santa Fe version at the same time), and I had a Walthers Agmark tank container on hand.
Below: My completed model. I custom-made the trailer Agmark markings by downloading images
from the internet and scaling to HO using MS Visio. My inkjet printer can't print white, so I used blank
white decal paper and printed the artwork "inverse" in orange (so the markings are white surrounded
by a field of orange). A light overspray of gloss coat fixes the ink to the decal paper. The challenge is
that, once the decal is cut out from the paper and placed in water, the ink might "leak" off the edges
of the decal while it soaks before transferring it onto the model. I always print multiple copies of
custom decals so that I can use the best prints, and also have spares in case they "leak" ink.

On the trailer wheels, I dabbed a bit of black paint into the wheel rim holes and on the wheel hubs.
This simple thing adds tremendously to the overall look of the trailer.
Below: This top view shows the Plano Models open-mesh etched platform and metal wheel guards.
The container is a stock Walthers model upgraded with Plano Models etched walkways.